Credentialing Center

The Choice of Activity Professionals for Board Certification

The NAAP Credentialing Center is organized as an independent body exclusively for the purpose of certifying Activity Professionals that meet the standards and requirements set forth by the Center and have successfully passed the competency exam.  More specifically certification by this body will assure that the individual will meet the criteria required by CMS F-Tags 249 and 281 to direct quality of life programming for seniors and others that they serve.

This option is open to all Activity Professionals working in Activities/Recreation with the elderly.  Activity Professionals have the option of certification as an Activity Professional - Board Certified (AP-BC) or an Activity Consultant - Board Certified (AC-BC).

Renewal Form

STOP! Before you send your renewal…read this!

Continuing education needs to be specific to the Activity Professional.  Please refer to the Topic Areas here.  If you have a question, please don't hesitate to contact the office.

Please, fill out the renewal form completely on-line, print and mail along with the required CE certificates to the office. Each renewal requires 12 CE credits hours from a face to face experience such as a seminar, workshop or conference. We require certificates of attendance for all continuing education listed. If your certificate of attendance is from a conference you do not need to list each session, just list the conference i.e., NAAP Conference 2016. We do not need, handouts, the brochure, a copy of all your other credentials. Be sure credit card information is correct. Please send via regular mail to the address on the form.

Any incomplete forms will be “on hold” until all information is received in the office.  Thank you for taking time to get it right.

Refer to the Certification Standards for acceptable forms of CE credit. 12 hours of CE credits must come from live workshops, conferences,  in-services, etc. Non-traditional forms of continuing education may complete the rest of the required credits. Non-traditional would include online training such as Activity Connection, Relias, LinkedSenior, webinars, home study courses, etc. Don’t forget some facility training and in-services may be accepted.

Renewal CE requirements and fees:

AP-BC: 20 CE hours every 2 years-$55

AAP-BC: 30 CE hours every 2 years-$65

AC-BC: 40 CE hours every 2 years-$75