The Credentialing Center

The Choice of Activity Professionals for Board Certification

The NAAP Credentialing Center is organized as an independent body exclusively for the purpose of certifying Activity Professionals that meet the standards and requirements set forth by the Center and have successfully passed the competency exam.  More specifically certification by this body will assure that the individual will meet the criteria required by CMS F-Tags 249 and 281 to direct quality of life programming for seniors and others that they serve.

This option is open to all Activity Professionals working in Activities/Recreation with the elderly.  Activity Professionals have the option of certification as an Activity Professional - Board Certified (AP-BC) or an Activity Consultant - Board Certified (AC-BC).


 At a recent Activity Professionals meeting, the education piece was presented by  Charlene Coffey Alexis, (a resident in a Long Term Care facility)  on Empowering Residents. I was very impressed and ask permission to add it to our website.  You can read her script here

Meet Kathleen Mears:

Kathleen Mears has been a nursing home resident in Ohio for 18 years. She is an incomplete quadriplegic and uses a power wheelchair to get around. Her computer is her “window on the world.” Her  blog shares her thoughts and view of life as a nursing home resident as well as ideas of how it might  be improved in the future.