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The Choice of Activity Professionals for Board Certification

A practice exam of 10 multiple choice questions is available to those interested. There is no fee to take the practice exam. You may take it twice. It is there for you to become familiar with the format of the competency exam. practice exam

 If you have questions or concerns regarding the Competency Exam,  please contact the office at 303-317-5682 or

You must pay for the Exam ($200.00) to receive the passcode to enter the exam.  Please, if someone else is paying for your exam,  please email the office that information.  Payment for the exam can be made by credit card or mailing a check to the office.  If you mail a check to the office please include your email and phone number so we can reach you.

Competency Exam

Please note: The exam is good for six months. If application for certification is not received within the six month time frame, the exam must be re-taken.

The competency exam is generally the final step toward your credential.

  1. Make payment of $200 in order to receive the passcode and take the exam. (Please note: if you are planning to take the exam on a weekend make payment before Friday at noon since the office is not open on the weekend to send you your passcode)

  2. You must complete all contact information.

  3. The exam is computer based and should be taken on a familiar computer.

  4. The exam will be available any time after the 5th of each month.

  5. There are 150 questions all multiple choice.

  6. The time allotted is one and half hours.

  7. Every exam will be different as the questions are randomized.

  8. You will only be able to access it one time.

  9. You will have the opportunity to go back and review your answers.

  10. Click on "Submit My Answers".

  11. You will see your score at the end, but not be able to print it.

  12. If you do not receive a score of 75% or better you can retake the exam for $75.

  13. A certificate verifying you passed the exam with your score will be sent via email and is good for one year.

Hints for taking the Exam

  • Take the exam on a computer you are familiar with

  • Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed

  • Turn your phone off

  • Have plenty of liquids-keep hydrated

  • Read each question carefully

  • You can skip a question and come back to it

  • Don’t rush, you have plenty of time

  • Think positive