The Credentialing Center

The Choice of Activity Professionals for Board Certification

The NAAP Credentialing Center is organized as an independent body exclusively for the purpose of certifying Activity Professionals that meet the standards and requirements set forth by the Center and have successfully passed the competency exam.  More specifically certification by this body will assure that the individual will meet the criteria required by CMS F-Tags 249 and 281 to direct quality of life programming for seniors and others that they serve.

This option is open to all Activity Professionals working in Activities/Recreation with the elderly.  Activity Professionals have the option of certification as an Activity Professional - Board Certified (AP-BC) or an Activity Consultant - Board Certified (AC-BC).

Mission Statement

    “To provide a Board Certification for Activity professionals that is all-encompassing and appropriate for any senior care environment."

Welcome Susan!

       Our Newest NAAPCC Board Member

       Our Newest NAAPCC Board Member

The Credentialing Center is proud and excited with the appointment of Susan Rauch as the new Associate Director of Operations and Certification. Susan has over 32 years of activity experience. She is a former president of the National Association of Activity Professionals (NAAP). She is the owner of Island Consulting providing guidance to long term care facilities.  Susan has served on many committees and has a passion for the importance of being board certified. She will be a great asset for our board!